Announcing Lattice Launchpad: Fair and Transparent Token Funding


  • Transparency is achieved by using smart contracts that are stored on-chain, and allocations are visible to everyone.
  • Consistent smart contract auditing on versions to prevent “backdoors” into a project’s allocation.
  • Multiple staking pools offer an even playing ground for all holders of the platform’s native token, $LTX.
  • The community of $LTX holders democratically govern the onboarding and listing of projects, as well as its development through the governance platform.
  • Funding is done using ETH or stablecoins (USDC/USDT).
  • Launchpad project tokens are distributed democratically, rather than just to a handful of participants, allowing for sustainable and organic growth.
  • Integrated KYC/AML solution through Veriff. Customizable depending on project jurisdiction and needs.

How it Works

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Platform Governance

Staking on Lattice Launchpad

  • wants to collect a total of 100,000 $USDC
  • will provide two allocation staking pools
  • Alice can stake a maximum of 2500 $LTX in Pool A
  • Alice can stake 100,000 $LTX in Pool B
  • Alice can stake 2500 $LTX in Pool A and 97,500 $LTX in Pool B
  • only be able to stake 2.50% of his holdings in Pool A
  • need to stake 97,50% of his holding in Pool B

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First Project Listing: Meet Alkimi Exchange

What’s Next

  • State channels will provide near zero fee swaps and staking/network fees, inheriting infinite and horizontal scalability from Hypergraph.
  • Cross-chain bridges will allow token swapping across multiple chains, creating a global liquidity pool that is interoperable with all L_1 chains, bridging ecosystems and leveraging Hypergraph’s scalability.



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Lattice Exchange

Lattice Exchange

Lattice is a DeFi application built with Ethereum and Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). Empowering users with advanced AMM algorithms.