Announcing Lattice Launchpad: Fair and Transparent Token Funding

We are excited to announce that the Lattice Launchpad, a one stop shop for blockchain entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, is now live! The Launchpad is a revolutionary, democratic platform which provides an entire ecosystem for digital entrepreneurs, allowing anyone to list a project for funding, while enabling anyone to participate in backing new projects, all with full transparency.

The platform serves as a critical path for projects generating a token and looking to capture the attention of the crypto community (especially those that make up the communities of Constellation and Lattice). It also is an essential step for anyone building on Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) including companies participating in the Constellation Flight Program cohort.

Check out our platform walkthrough and explore the Launchpad now!

Disclosure: The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice. Users should be sensible in their participation and be aware of potential financial risks.


There are a number of obstacles that make it difficult for the average person to participate in the funding phase for promising new projects: research, discoverability, geolocation, and authenticity . Generally, such opportunities are only available to people with excessive funds or those who have private connections with project founders. The funding process often lacks transparency, meaning there is little to no information publicly accessible, and allocations are often skewed in favor of those with a financial advantage. This usually means just a handful of people — those with the largest wallets — get the majority of funding allocations, and thus a better return on profit. To put it simply, the odds are stacked against people with not as much to allocate towards an investment.

In an effort to level out the playing field for all, Lattice Launchpad has set out to equalize participation in the funding phase of projects. The platform makes it easy for anyone to discover new projects from multiple ecosystems at the early development and funding stage, and receive an allocation in the project. This tips the balance away from those traditionally favored and towards anyone who wants to see the projects they believe in grow and succeed.

The Lattice Launchpad has a number of exciting features that truly democratize the funding process:

  • Transparency is achieved by using smart contracts that are stored on-chain, and allocations are visible to everyone.
  • Consistent smart contract auditing on versions to prevent “backdoors” into a project’s allocation.
  • Multiple staking pools offer an even playing ground for all holders of the platform’s native token, $LTX.
  • The community of $LTX holders democratically govern the onboarding and listing of projects, as well as its development through the governance platform.
  • Funding is done using ETH or stablecoins (USDC/USDT).
  • Launchpad project tokens are distributed democratically, rather than just to a handful of participants, allowing for sustainable and organic growth.
  • Integrated KYC/AML solution through Veriff. Customizable depending on project jurisdiction and needs.

How it Works

Get Started

To participate in the Lattice Launchpad, you will need to hold $LTX. $LTX is currently available on the following exchanges:



Bithumb Global

Liquid Global

You will also need to sign up for an account on the platform as well as complete the KYC process*. Follow this simple walkthrough guide to get started.

Finally, choose your project.

*KYC Requirements are at the discretion of each Launchpad Project.

Platform Governance

The funding process begins when a project applies to be listed on the Lattice Launchpad. The first use of $LTX is that the community of $LTX holders decide if it is of interest to them by voting in the Lattice Governance platform. This ​​decentralized governance will evaluate in collaboration with ecosystem partners on the Launchpad intake and allow community and token holders to vote on upcoming launchpad listings — enabling the true decentralized spirit. If a project is accepted, a funding round begins in which every $LTX holder can participate. $LTX token holders can also use the governance platform to create proposals and vote on actions such as holding additional funding rounds, depending on targets met.

Staking on Lattice Launchpad

The second use of $LTX, is that holders of $LTX can stake their tokens in a staking pool for an allocation in funding a specific project on Lattice Launchpad. For example, if their tokens make up 10% of the pool, they get a 10% allocation of that pool in funding. $LTX is not used for funding but rather to reserve an allocation in the project — thus the individual will still need to transfer the total allocation they received in a stablecoin of the project’s choosing.

The Launchpad also offers multiple staking pools with a different maximum limit of $LTX tokens that holders can stake in that specific pool. There is always a pool with a lower limit, and depending on the project there might be one or more pools for different wallet sizes. This means that there is an even chance for everyone to participate and receive a fair allocation.

To make a simple example, assume the LaunchPad project ACME is getting listed on the Lattice Launchpad and

  • wants to collect a total of 100,000 $USDC
  • will provide two allocation staking pools

— Allocation Staking Pool A = Max 2500 $LTX per User

— Allocation Staking Pool B = No Limit of $LTX per User

— Each Pool will have an allocation of 50.000 $USDC worth of ACME tokens

Assume now we have a large holder Alice with 100,000 $LTX tokens who participates in the allocation staking

  • Alice can stake a maximum of 2500 $LTX in Pool A
  • Alice can stake 100,000 $LTX in Pool B
  • Alice can stake 2500 $LTX in Pool A and 97,500 $LTX in Pool B

This process results in an environment that makes it impossible for large holders to skew the distribution in their favor because they have more money.

To make it clear in numbers — our large holder Alice would

  • only be able to stake 2.50% of his holdings in Pool A
  • need to stake 97,50% of his holding in Pool B

In any case where a funding target is not met or is oversubscribed, there is an opportunity for a new funding round to spin up.

Powered by Constellation

The Lattice Launchpad is currently based on the Ethereum Network, but will soon migrate to Constellation’s Hypergraph, significantly reducing network fees from a current range of $30 and $300+ on Ethereum, to near zero.

The Hypergraph is a near feeless, decentralized network with infinite scalability, built on directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture with a novel reputation-based consensus model called Proof of Reputable Observation (PRO). Hypergraph’s secure communications protocol (HGTP) performs concurrent consensus, meaning that transactions on the network occur simultaneously.

While most traditional blockchains are L_1 networks, Constellation is the world’s first L_0 network. As the layer beneath all other protocols, L_0 allows for unprecedented cross-chain interoperability. Hypergraph and HGTP provide the foundation for L_0 projects built on the network.

Projects listed on the Lattice Launchpad can be built on alternate networks as well as on state channels which tap into Hypergraph’s infinitely scalable DAG architecture. State channels are serverless and run in a distributed, decentralized way, making them faster, more versatile and more scalable than Ethereum smart contracts.

First Project Listing: Meet Alkimi Exchange

The first project listing is Alkimi Exchange, with staking commencing on the Lattice Launchpad Platform on August 11th. Prior to the start date, we will be sharing more information about the staking process as well as Alkimi and their $ADS token. Be sure to sign up to the platform and complete the KYC process now to participate. In the meantime, learn more about Alkimi Exchange below.

What’s Next

As we move further into Q3 and into Q4, Constellation Network and Lattice Exchange will continue to release new features including:

  • State channels will provide near zero fee swaps and staking/network fees, inheriting infinite and horizontal scalability from Hypergraph.
  • Cross-chain bridges will allow token swapping across multiple chains, creating a global liquidity pool that is interoperable with all L_1 chains, bridging ecosystems and leveraging Hypergraph’s scalability.

Currently, a pipeline of projects are eager to get started on the Launchpad, including those currently participating in our accelerator program. We are excited to share them with you all over the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates around that, as well as the migration to the Hypergraph and more.

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