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  • Benjamin Diggles

    Benjamin Diggles

    VP Business Development at Constellation Labs. Based in Portland, Oregon. Lover — not a fighter.

  • Mateo Gold

    Mateo Gold

    Passionate about the expression of true self and global phase shifts.

  • Adam Alonzi

    Adam Alonzi

    Adam Alonzi is a writer, biotechnologist, documentary maker, futurist, inventor, programmer, and author of A Plank in Reason and Praying for Death.

  • Alyze Sam

    Alyze Sam

    Life is less complicated when you’re pure of heart and mind. #WomenInBlockchain

  • Nando Eweg

    Nando Eweg

  • Ben jorgensen

    Ben jorgensen

    Building big data on blockchain and experiential dining: CEO of Constellation Network; Co-Owner of MZ Dining Group (Ittoryu Gozu); Owner of A5 Meats.

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