Founders Share Exciting Roadmap For Early Lattice Supports

Lattice Gives Updates and Key Dates for October and November

To our faithful; Friends, Family, Fans and Followers,

First, we want to thank you for your love and support during this exciting time at Lattice, as well as give a brief update to the Lattice and Constellation (DAG) communities with an updated roadmap for the next month.

Lattice, as the first ecosystem application to be built on Constellation’s Hypergraph, has opened the doors to many new communities across Asia and Europe. It has allowed many more people to understand the value of the Constellation Hypergraph as an ecosystem (akin to an operating system). As such the Hypergraph is positioned as an evolution to Ethereum and Polkadot. When we speak of zero transaction fees on the Hypergraph (DAG side) securing big data, and more security, people are beginning to understand the real world applications as it pertains to Lattice:

In September, we successfully secured our private sales for Lattice (rather quickly)! We were oversubscribed in a matter of 48 hours and then spent two weeks sending out allocations to strategics that could elevate Lattice to be a default DeFi solution and industry leader and evangelize the DAG community as an ecosystem. We opened the private sale to 3 different rounds that were filled by a strong mix of well known digital asset ecosystem leaders, Asian communities, well known funds, and our beloved DAG community! It was exciting and overwhelming to see the interest and appetite. There were no secret “seed rounds” or back door deals to early backers — just a lot of thought leadership and industry expertise that learned from the ICO craze of 2017 and have survived the test of time. As such, we believe that we have created an extremely fair and mixed composition of new community members and strategies to help build this company faster and stronger than any DeFi project in the space. We have brought together some of the best DeFi leaders in the industry, and daily, we continue to align with more powerful partners.

Our rather quick private sale has allowed us to create a completely new and innovative team, from marketers to engineers, that leverage the Constellation leadership and roadmap to help build in stride. The leadership of Constellation and Lattice have access and insight to key devs, thought leaders, and two roadmaps to bridge innovation in new ways. Over the course of weeks, we have assembled a team of marketers and have activated the Bad Crypto Podcast to be key partners to providing us access to macro-influencers in the space. We are just getting started with them and there is more to come! We have built our engineering team of five key individuals that have already built a demo of the MVP and we are evolving designs as we speak. Last week our marketing team assembled 9 AMA’s and are continuing to run a pace of 5 every week to help spread the word across Asia, US, and Europe.

All in just one month and we have many exciting press releases to come.

Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks



We will continue to update you on progress as it rolls out! We are continuing to have some fascinating conversations between the Lattice and Constellation team on features and solutions that will play well onto Constellation’s microservice framework and evolve the DeFi space exponentially.

Ben Jorgensen, Ben jorgensen and Mathias Goldman, @mgoldm

Co-Founders of Lattice/Co-Founders of Constellation

Join Lattice In Redefining Freedom









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