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3 min readDec 16, 2021


Lattice Exchange Launches Spanish-Language Platform and Education

Madrid, Spain, December 15 — Leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Lattice Exchange announced today a move to make both DeFi activities and education more accessible to members of the Spanish community, the second most commonly used language in its ecosystem, through the addition of DeFi educational tracks and support on its Launchpad. Lattice Launchpad allows anyone with crypto, regardless of amounts held, to discover, access, and support early-stage crypto projects before their token gains widespread adoption on popular centralized exchanges. Prior to the latest release, Lattice Launchpad support was limited to English.

The move to support Spanish language furthers Lattice’s vision of making DeFi accessible to all, catering to its growing Spanish community in a more personalized manner. In an effort to educate the masses, beyond the traditional English speaking crypto pockets, the team has already begun creating Spanish language explanatory and walkthrough videos on Youtube, Infographics on Instagram and follow-up news/updates threads on Twitter.

The Lattice Exchange platform is built upon Constellation’s Hypergraph Network, leveraging its seamless cross-chain swaps and DeFi applications. Lattice Launchpad launched in August 2021 with Alkimi Exchange, which saw almost $10M USD staked during their initial Launchpad listing in under five days, resulting in a 100x oversubscription. The platform has also seen other successes with projects such as Double Dice in November 2021 where users staked a total of $6.8M USD to support the projects $250k USD raise, and Geojam in December 2021 where users staked $4.7M USD also surpassing the projects $200k USD raise in just 5 days.

The Spanish community using the Lattice Exchange has seen steady growth, mirroring the explosive growth of crypto in LatAm countries such as El Salvador who has frequently been making headlines for their large Bitcoin purchases, and Brazil moving to accept crypto as legal tender. Lattice has validated this with the rapidly growing number of members of the Spanish community across various social media platforms.

Mundo Crypto, the leading crypto education platform based out of Spain partnered with Constellation in July 2021, announcing the collaboration live on-stage in Madrid in front of a massive crowd. Mani Thawani, Founder and CEO of Mundo Crypto states, “The growth that Constellation is having as an alternative to the traditional blockchain is enormous and those of us who understand this sector know the importance that lattice exchange is playing here for them.

There are more and more projects on their launchpad and the growth of your community is exponential, I see great times for Lattice and Constellation for the upcoming years.”

The social and community growth has been steadfast over the last few months, with the addition of a dedicated Spanish speaking team. Since launching the Spanish social media channels back in August 2021, Lattice’s Spanish Telegram channels now host over 10,000 unique members, nearly surpassing the total in the Constellation Main Channel which houses the English speaking community. The numbers are impressive on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well, steadily approaching the 15,000 milestone.

“The growth in the number of Spanish community members using the Lattice Exchange platform as well as being involved in the Constellation Ecosystem is commendable, considering the time period. With Spanish being one of the most spoken languages in the world, it makes sense to pivot this change and deliver a personalized experience. As Lattice continues to expand its operations worldwide, we might consider adding support to more languages to cater to local audiences. We are looking forward to making even bigger moves in the LatAm community in 2022,” said Gina Rubino, Director of Marketing at Constellation Network and Lattice Exchange.

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Lattice Exchange sits at the crossroads of decentralized finance and trading, connecting all blockchain ecosystems and allowing users to access the value of those ecosystems in one place. Lattice aims to reduce risk and friction for traders while increasing transparency and ROI, and supports seamless cross-chain swaps as well as a multitude of DeFi applications (APY programs and Liquidity pools) by utilizing Constellation’s Hypergraph, a near-zero fee and horizontally scalable decentralized network. By utilizing its own governance model, Lattice allows governance token holders to collectively decide on Launchpad listings.



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