Lattice Exchange launches the $FXDX token and introduces financial trading to Web3 with their evolutionary decentralized derivatives exchange

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2 min readMay 9, 2022


Lattice Exchange is pleased to welcome the FXDX decentralized derivatives exchange to the Constellation ecosystem with the launch of the $FXDX token. Constellation’s ecosystem supports partners who work to disrupt the financial industry with innovative Web3 solutions.

With its $FXDX token launch on Lattice Exchange, FXDX joins the elite group of companies disrupting their industries with the support of Constellation’s Hypergraph. FXDX is revolutionizing the financial services industry. Its decentralized derivatives exchange offers all of the features of traditional derivatives trading on a 100% non-custodial platform. The difference: now you can create your own derivatives market.

Staking on Lattice Exchange begins Monday, May 9th, at 16:00 UTC and ends Monday, May 16th at 16:00 UTC.

Find out more about $FXDX tokenomics and staking your $LTX for an $FXDX token allocation.


FXDX aims to build a robust and scalable decentralized derivatives trading platform. By adding a transaction layer that executes high-performance financial trades potentially outperforming relatively slow smart contract-based products, FXDX has identified a clear and well-defined opportunity to improve the existing decentralized financial system.

FXDX offers lightning-fast transaction speeds and minimal transaction costs with a professional trading UI experience. Their solution tackles centralized exchange problems, including issues with custodianship, security breaches, withdrawal limits and low transparency. On the decentralized exchange front, FXDX manages the lack of cross-chain swaps, slippage and inadequate trading tools.

The FXDX exchange features:

  • Strong UX/UI experience
  • Up to 30x leverage
  • 100% on-chain traceable transactions
  • 100% non-custodial platform
  • Long or short any crypto assets
  • Cross-chain trading
  • Ability to create a derivatives market

FXDX offers a hybrid liquidity mechanism with order books and an AMM pool. In addition to cryptocurrencies, FXDX supports many unique derivative listings for things like NFTs, gas, and hash-rates, along with stocks, bonds, carbon credits, real estate or any asset with a price feed. You will have the ability to create your own derivatives market.

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