Lattice Exchange launches Token Events’ $FAN token — bridging the evolution of events with non-fungible experiences!

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3 min readFeb 28, 2022


Lattice Exchange is pleased to welcome another bright “star” into the growing Constellation ecosystem with the launch of Token Events’ $FAN token.

Just as companies like Alkimi, Geojam, and Double Dice are disrupting their industries with the support of Constellation’s Hypergraph, Token Events is revolutionising the ticket industry for music, entertainment and sporting events with a new fan commerce platform where every fan is a VIP!

Staking on Lattice Exchange begins Monday, February 28th at 16:00 UTC and ends Friday, March 4th at 16:00 UTC.

Find out more about $FAN tokenomics and staking your $LTX for a $FAN token allocation.


Mining The Hidden Value of a Non-Fungible Experience with Token Events

Meet the visionary team of crypto pioneers and digital entrepreneurs working with rockstar royalty to redefine live experiences, using cryptocurrency to connect fans to bands and deliver one-of-a-kind personalised value in a digital world.

Finding value in our individual experience of life is a complex and ever-changing pursuit. It’s equally unique to all of us; what brings each of us happiness is entirely distinct, non-fungible.

In the live event space, the connections between fans and the artists and event organizers producing experiences have become frayed, with ticket-scalping, die-hard fans being sidelined, and third-party vendors stressing both the fandom economy and ecosystem.

How do we rediscover lost value and connections, while creating new value and connections in an emerging digital space offering a unique opportunity?

Token Events and $FAN

Token Events provides both the platform and solution for this question through the creation of non-fungible experiences (NFEs) and our cryptocurrency, $FAN.

We believe that providing users with opportunities to earn $FAN through interactions on the Token Events platform incentivizes continued use between the various parties we aim to strengthen relationships between.

$FAN unites everyone to build this future of fandom together. In redesigning the live event experience for fans, event producers and venue managers can focus on their most important commodity: fans.

Token Events places fans back in the spotlight

Introducing a fan commerce platform that will change the live event experience forever.

FANs will be able to wrap their own NFTs to catalog each unique moment of their NFE, creating individual and secondary values for each of these treasured experiences.

$FAN is a reward mechanism and incentive to share and engage with more of a fan’s user data. The more $FAN a user spends at events or engagements, the more they are rewarded for these interactions and the data they choose to share.

Token Events Fan Commerce will also redefine the relationships between artists, musicians, and event managers, who can further reward fans for their engagement throughout the entire event process.

$FAN is used for unlocking aggregated fan behavior, giving them deeper insights, and allowing a more engaged relationship with their end-user. These stakeholders can create budgets and reward the end Fan to engage and share their valuable data.

Fans will be able to purchase their tickets, venue services, and merchandise and receive real-time personalized offers all from a single app or web experience.

  • Token Events empowers each fan to control and share their activity.
  • With every interaction, fans are also rewarded for their loyalty.
  • Token Events creates lasting value from your loyalty and activity.

Token Events — Be the type of fan you want to be.

Join Token Events and shape the future of live experiences

Created and backed by a team of crypto pioneers, digital entrepreneurs, and world-famous rock stars, Token Events is uniting everyone to build the future of fandom together. Our team is nothing short of the best minds coming together to solve fan commerce.

The best talent in the world, sharing one vision and one mission.

Token Events — where every FAN is a VIP 🚀

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