Lattice Exchange launches Token Events’ $FAN token — bridging the evolution of events with non-fungible experiences!

Staking on Lattice Exchange begins Monday, February 28th at 16:00 UTC and ends Friday, March 4th at 16:00 UTC.


Mining The Hidden Value of a Non-Fungible Experience with Token Events

Token Events and $FAN

Token Events places fans back in the spotlight

  • Token Events empowers each fan to control and share their activity.
  • With every interaction, fans are also rewarded for their loyalty.
  • Token Events creates lasting value from your loyalty and activity.

Join Token Events and shape the future of live experiences



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Lattice Exchange

Lattice Exchange

Lattice is a DeFi application built with Ethereum and Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). Empowering users with advanced AMM algorithms.