Lattice Exchange x Exolix: New Swap Service for $DAG, $LTX and $ADS

  • No KYC, No Max Limits: Swapping on Exolix does not require registration, and there are no maximum limits. This means that anyone can exchange any amount of currency at any time.
  • Fixed Exchange Rate: Exolix also offers a fixed exchange rate, which is fixed at the beginning of the transaction. This protects the user from any price volatility occurring while the exchange takes place.
  • Strong Customer Support, Highly Rated: Exolix offers 24/7 customer support and has earned an impressive 4.6 star rating on TrustPilot.

Step 1: Choose your tokens to swap

Step 2: Enter your wallet address

Step 3: Send your tokens to Exolix

Step 4: Exolix performs the swap

Step 5: Exolix sends tokens to your wallet



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Lattice Exchange

Lattice Exchange

Lattice is a DeFi application built with Ethereum and Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). Empowering users with advanced AMM algorithms.