Lattice Goes Viral After $LTX Lists On UniSwap

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3 min readNov 9, 2020


Yesterday DeFi took another leap forward with the listing of Lattice Exchange ($LTX) on Uniswap. The Lattice team has done a superb job of meeting all the key dates in the roadmap for the project’s success. This is to be expected from a seasoned team that has built the most sophisticated framework for decentralized finance.

Photo Source: Uniswap. DeFi craze propels Uniswap monthly volume to $15.3B, surpassing Coinbase

Prior to the launch, Lattice already had major institutional backing from some of the largest luminaries in the cryptoworld. These top companies include Global Digital Assets, Hillrise Capital, Alphabit Fund, and FBG Capital. This further cements the fact that decentralized finance is here to stay, and Lattice Exchange will be its cornerstone.

The night before saw an explosion in new members on Lattice’s Telegram group, as eager investors awaited news of the listing. The group’s numbers went from a little over 4000 to over 20,000 multiplying by more than fivefold, with no signs of slowing down. For those who have followed the project it comes as no surprise, as the more knowledge of what Lattice brings to DeFi is understood, the rolling snowball is bound to become an avalanche.

The listing on Uniswap offers investors an early route to acquiring Lattice’s premier token, $LTX. Soon, Lattice Exchange will be entirely built out and offer a service that no decentralized exchange or centralized exchange can provide.

This service will include an interoperable aggregation of liquidity, and swift transaction speeds coupled with nominal (if any) fees. This will come as a relief to all investors who have to choose either a speedy transaction with ridiculous fees or a slow but cheap one.

Acquiring $LTX on Uniswap has its advantages. Capitalizing on a prime asset while the market cap is still relatively low pays dividends. Yet, $LTX as a governance token for the future of finance will prove far more important than attaining wealth alone.

Fostering a truly decentralized environment for the global market coupled with secure and honest data will effect a positive transformation; the results of which will ineluctably lead us to a world of greater equity.

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