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Disclosure: The information we provide is for users to conduct their own research. It is not investment advice. Users should be sensible in their participation and aware of financial risks.


Welcome to the Lattice Launchpad, a revolutionary, democratic platform that provides digital entrepreneurs with access to an ecosystem which allows anyone to list a project for funding and/or participate in backing new projects, all with full transparency.

For more information, check out our introductory post, which provides a high level overview of the Lattice Launchpad.

How to Participate in the Lattice Launchpad

Lattice Launchpad and Staking Mechanics Explained

Allocation Staking mechanics

We will provide multiple staking pools where you can stake your LTX for an allocation in the Launchpad project funding!

The process is very simple and is explained in detail further down.

1. Choose project

2. Stake LTX

3. Get your LTX back

4. Fund project in their early phase

5. Get project tokens

You can use the example below:

Assume the launchpad project ACME wants to collect 100 000 USDC.

We could provide 3 different staking pools which are getting 33,300 USDC worth of $ACME tokens allocated per pool.

Neither pool has a limit for the number of users allowed to stake or a total limit on $LTX being staked in the pool.

There will only be a $LTX limit per user depending on the respective staking pool.

Staking pools may look like this:

  • Pool A: Max staking amount per user = 2500 LTX
  • Pool B: Max staking amount per user = 10000 LTX
  • Pool C: Max staking amount per user = No Limit

The allocation would then be proportional to your percentage ownership of the staking pool.

Let’s say you stake only into Pool A and own 10% of it. This would mean you can fund the project with 3,300 USDC.

You could also stake in multiple pools:

Let’s say you stake in Pool A and own 10% of it, then you stake in Pool B and also own 10% of it. This would mean you can fund the project with 6,600 USDC.

Allocation will be weighted for the LTX amount being staked plus a time bonus which is decided by the Launchpad project.

Allowance Limits for the Launchpad Staking

The allowance function makes it possible for our smart contract to stake the $LTX on behalf of the respective $LTX holder.

A lot of DApps automatically set the allowance to unlimited which is simpler and usually a bit more cost-effective, but in general this is considered a bad practice and less secure (more information on this topic here).

With this in mind, our Launchpad is offering two options for our users:

  • The first option, “Proposed Approval Limit”, reflects the $LTX amount you originally submitted to stake. This is a simpler option for those that just want to stake and be done with it.

However, this will cost a little bit more if you decide to stake more tokens, as they will require additional approve function calls of our smart contract and thus additional transaction fees.

  • The second option is a custom option, which allows for more flexibility and control, with less overall fees. In short, you can stake UP TO your chosen allowance in all the project pools without paying network fees for additional approve function calls — this means you can stake in more than one pool while you only pay one “token approval” transaction fee.

Staking Walkthrough


The first step in the participation process is to obtain $LTX tokens on one of the following exchanges:

Uniswap (No KYC)

KuCoin (No KYC and up to 2 BTC withdrawal per day)

Bithumb Global (No KYC and up to 1 BTC withdrawal per day)

Liquid Global (KYC optional)

After obtaining $LTX tokens, you need to move them to one of the following platform supported wallets:

Create an Account

After you have completed the first step, you need to create an account on our platform — don’t forget to follow the link in the confirmation email to activate your account (be sure to check your spam folder too!):

and complete the KYC process which will include a selfie and ID ( Passport, ID Card, Resident Permit or Driver’s License ) verification:

A detailed and simple walkthrough can be viewed here: Lattice Account Creation and KYC Portal Walkthrough

Please note that each Launchpad project will have its own KYC requirements, which will determine a user’s eligibility to participate in the staking process.

Staking Phase

A video walkthrough of the full process can be found below, followed by a written step-by-step tutorial.

You then need to choose the specific address you want to use for staking, keeping in mind the following:

  • The address is connected to your user account and KYC
  • The address will be whitelisted for the Launchpad project allocation pools if you are eligible to participate in the Launchpad project
  • If you change your address you will NOT be able to stake.

When the staking phase begins, a new staking widget will appear on the right side, which will allow you to:

  • Choose the staking pool you wish to participate in. Each pool has a different $LTX limit per user:
  • If you choose a “2500 LTX Limit” pool, you will only be able to stake 2500 $LTX
  • If you choose the “No Limit” pool, you will be able to stake as many $LTX tokens as you like.
  • Stake your $LTX tokens in your chosen allocation pool:
  • Input the amount of $LTX tokens you wish to stake, which is equal to or lower than the maximum allowed limit.

You are able to stake in one or multiple allocation pools.

You can also stake multiple times in one pool as long as you do not exceed the pool limit.

The staking consists of two transactions:

  1. The approval transaction
  2. The deposit transaction

You will need to confirm two transactions with your Wallet.

Please note that the confirmation time depends on your chosen transaction fees and the Ethereum network activity/congestion at that time.

Funding Phase

After the staking phase finishes, your $LTX tokens will be returned to your address.

In order to withdraw your tokens from the allocation staking pools you just need to

  • Go to the Launchpad project page your participated in
  • Choose your staking pool
  • Click on the “Release funds” button in the staking widget
  • Confirm the withdraw transaction in your wallet

In case you staked in multiple pools you will need to repeat the above steps for each pool you staked in.

Please note that the confirmation time depends on your chosen transaction fees and the Ethereum network activity/congestion at that time.

The Lattice Launchpad Project Page will inform you about details of the funding process, which are decided by the Launchpad project you are participating in. You will also receive an email with these details.

Funding itself will occur using a cryptocurrency chosen by the Launchpad project (e.g. ETH, USDC/USDT, BTC.)

This section will be updated after migration to Hypergraph, which will include an automated process for the Funding Phase.

Token Distribution Phase

The fifth and final step requires no action. You simply need to wait for your

Launchpad project tokens to be distributed to your wallet by the Launchpad project team.

This section will be updated after migration to Hypergraph, which will include an automated process for the Token Distribution Phase.

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