Lattice Launchpad Walkthrough


How to Participate in the Lattice Launchpad

Lattice Launchpad and Staking Mechanics Explained

Allocation Staking mechanics

  • Pool A: Max staking amount per user = 2500 LTX
  • Pool B: Max staking amount per user = 10000 LTX
  • Pool C: Max staking amount per user = No Limit

Allowance Limits for the Launchpad Staking

  • The first option, “Proposed Approval Limit”, reflects the $LTX amount you originally submitted to stake. This is a simpler option for those that just want to stake and be done with it.
  • The second option is a custom option, which allows for more flexibility and control, with less overall fees. In short, you can stake UP TO your chosen allowance in all the project pools without paying network fees for additional approve function calls — this means you can stake in more than one pool while you only pay one “token approval” transaction fee.

Staking Walkthrough


Create an Account

Staking Phase

  • The address is connected to your user account and KYC
  • The address will be whitelisted for the Launchpad project allocation pools if you are eligible to participate in the Launchpad project
  • If you change your address you will NOT be able to stake.
  • Choose the staking pool you wish to participate in. Each pool has a different $LTX limit (or locked $LTX) per user:
  • If you choose a “2500 LTX Limit” pool, you will only be able to stake 2500 $LTX
  • If you choose the “No Limit” pool, you will be able to stake as many $LTX tokens as you like.
  • Stake your $LTX tokens in your chosen allocation pool:
  • Input the amount of $LTX tokens you wish to stake, which is equal to or lower than the maximum allowed limit.

Funding Phase

  • Go to the Launchpad project page your participated in
  • Choose your staking pool
  • Click on the “Release funds” button in the staking widget
  • Confirm the unstake transaction in your wallet

Token Distribution Phase



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