Lattice & Molly Wallet AirDrop Results

AirDrop Overview

Here are the details of what has taken place with the Airdrop distribution:

Molly Wallet LTX Airdrop

125,000 tokens

205.59 LTX tokens per Address

In coordination with Stardust Collective

The Stardust Collective is an open-source, decentralized community for the Constellation Network. They are actively developing a cross-chain wallet between Constellation and Ethereum. To showcase this technology, Molly Wallet was used to generate a DAG address that can be used to claim an airdrop on the Ethereum network.

Molly Wallet V2 has been revamped to utilize JSON Private Keys. These key files are also compatible with Ethereum wallets. As part of Airdrop campaign LTX tokens have been distributed to Ethereum Wallets that have a counterpart address on the DAG network. The same JSON Private Key unlocks both the DAG wallet and the Ethereum wallet. One private key, two public addresses, one on each network.

How to Access AirDropped LTX Tokens?

See below for instructions to two commonly used wallets: Trust Wallet and MetaMask:

What Can I do with LTX Token?

In the future, LTX will be used for Lattice Exchange governance.

Trust Wallet Instructions

Metamask Instructions

Thanks to all who participated. Any further questions jump into our TG channel.


The Constellation Team


For all of our updates and to join the conversation, be sure to check out Lattice channels:

Project Overview



Lattice is a DeFi application built with Ethereum and Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). Empowering users with advanced AMM algorithms.

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