Lattice Titled: “The Great Uniter” As They Bridge Microservices to DeFi

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Lattice Exchange evolves in tandem with Constellation Network to enable a seamless integration of the Internet of Things with Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Significant advances in Blockchain architectures are taking place alongside advances in the Internet of Things. Everything from drones to cars is now digital. Capitalizing on this data requires the ability to securely capture, store, and validate the data using blockchain technology. Although blockchain received significant resistance in its early days, now major corporations have adopted and made investments towards this technology.

Similarly, DeFi has reached a point where blockchain can outperform traditional financial structures for big data. Data streams from everywhere can be evaluated by DeFI protocols and maintained from the blockchain token economy. The tokenization of everything alongside the Internet of Things is letting DeFi create a new world.

Lattice Exchange is a protocol for the Constellation Network. Constellation’s Spore Platform uses graph theory and computational data structures to engineer a new data economy. The most fundamental principles driving this growth in competition are economies of scale, and reducing barriers to entry for companies looking to enter into this space.

Data science tools help companies develop on Constellation’s microservices architecture. Lattice Exchange allows a company to give further econometric value to the data using the Constellation Hypergraph protocol. The first stage for Lattice is to integrate Constellation with the ERC-20 blockchain and develop algorithms able to actualize the Hypergraph ecosystem for Forex-like financial algorithms.

The big advantage of blockchain is that the entire IT network is decentralized. This gives it a competitive advantage over traditional financial firms who cannot utilize the mathematical economies of scale in the Constellation Network . The connection of the Constellation Hypergraph network lets companies develop microservices and access Lattice’s algorithmic capabilities for cross-chain liquidity. The primary benefit is the ability to make different blockchain networks operate concurrently in the future.

Major companies are looking to jump into the cutting edge of mathematical IT architectures using DeFi protocols like Lattice. The evolution of this ecosystem will occur when traditional DeFi has peaked in popularity. However, the demand for these big data and IoT architectures for enterprise level use cases is constantly growing. This establishes the value driver for the Lattice exchange on Constellation as a bridge from cryptocurrency exchange to the big data derived from the IoT for enterprise level applications.

DATA SCIENCE and Constellation meet Algorithmic token securities

Constellation’s SPORE platform is able to take a data pipeline towards the new world of functional programming. A company can re-instantantiate their data pipelines to create completely new data ecosystems and re-orient towards market conditions. Lattice gives algorithmic intelligence to work with state channels. State channels can be map reduced to work like traditional data management tools, with tremendous capabilities toward complete customization. In addition, adding the tools of algorithmic finance to work in any big data stack gives a big capacity boost.

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Traditional DeFi trading between blockchain exchanges and tokens has rapidly evolved toward the same financial problems as derivatives and securities trading. The big advantage of DeFi is anyone from anywhere can participate, even without much money. DeFi will solve problems of billions without access to financial services. Lattice is part of this ecosystem.

It is important to look at finance from an applied perspective. Wallets, brokerages, banks, exchanges, market makers, and other market managing entities power the modern world. Decentralized finance adds a new toolbox to the traditional financial firms, and a new way to let everyone access the free market. Lattice has the mathematical foundation from its blockchain architecture to build an algorithmic trading infrastructure that will implement these new tools to connect the traditional DeFi exchanges and traditional finance to the new world of the Internet of Things and Big Data.

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Lattice is a DeFi application built with Ethereum and Constellation’s Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). Empowering users using advanced AMM algorithms.







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