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2 min readMay 11, 2022


The FXDX Exchange is a robust and scalable decentralized derivatives trading platform. By combining the professional UI trading experience of centralized exchanges with the non-custodial platform found with decentralized exchanges, FXDX Exchange gives you the best of both worlds.

FXDX offers a hybrid liquidity mechanism with order books and an AMM (automated market maker) pool. In addition to cryptocurrencies, FXDX supports many unique derivative listings for things like NFTs, stocks, bonds, real estate or any asset with a price feed. You can even create your own derivatives market.

Founder, Harish Gupta; Chief of Tech Architecture, Daniel Smith; and Chief Product Officer, Nikhil Arya, joined us recently for an AMA.

Here are the quick highlights:

  • Multichain, high performance, low cost DEX: FXDX is multichain-based derivatives DEX with lightning-fast transaction speed and minimal transaction costs with a professional trading UI/UX experience
  • Key features: Trade with zero gas fees, up to 50x leverage, 100% on-chain, 100% non-custodial, long or short any crypto asset, unique listings for other asset types, ability to create derivatives markets, regulatory preparedness for DEX, extreme speed, high scalability, superior UX/UI experience
  • Huge market potential: Derivatives is the largest asset class in global finance, and all derivatives together are around $1,000,000B ($1 Quadrillion). The total crypto derivatives market is estimated to be around $3tn — $4tn annually in volume. We expect DEXes to cover about 40% of that volume and FXDX to take 10% of the 40% market.
  • Token utility: $FXDX tokens are used for platform fees, staking, governance, buy/back and burn, and other growing use cases.
  • Hybrid v AMM and Order book model: FXDX Exchange combines the best of both worlds using a vAMM and order book model for deeper liquidity
  • Lattice Launchpad: Lattice Launchpad funding runs 9 -16 May 2022

You can view the complete AMA transcript in the Lattice telegram channel.

Or, learn more about FXDX Exchange on their website: or in their Telegram group:

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