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3 min readMar 3, 2022


Token Events is one of the first decentralized fan commerce platforms to integrate with your favorite events, locations, and entertainers. It’s fans-first here, so you’re in charge, with the unique opportunity to control and share activities and earn rewards simultaneously on the $FAN marketplace. In a single app or web experience, you can use your $FAN tokens to purchase tickets, services, merchandise, and even real-time personalized offers all from one place.

Fans get a better experience, entertainers and event creators get the kind of data they want to really connect with fans and understand what they want.

The experienced team of Adam Jones, CEO; Christopher Davis, CTO; Richard Davy, CEO (Experiences); Steve Larosiliere, CSO, joined us recently for an AMA. Here are some quick highlights.

  • Together, the Token Events team brings decades of experience to the business.
    That includes sports events, cryptocurrency, decentralized technology, digital advertisement, IoT, and artificial intelligence.
  • TokenEvents has defined an ambitious overall goal that encapsulates several markets.
    The founders explained they want to capture a $380 billion industry, including the event sales market, sports apparel, loyalty market, and customer analytics market.
  • Businesses use the $FAN token for multiple purposes.
    Businesses can use the $FAN token to create events, push interactions, and manage merchandise to fuel NFEs (Non Funglible Events)and drive Marketing Science. The Live Data Feed provides them the means to have real-time behavioral data of fans (if they choose to share for more rewards).
  • The more a fan interacts, the more rewards earned.
    Sports fans use the $FAN token to discount purchases for anything in the NFE space: Tickets, merchandise, upgrades, and even NFTs. Best of all, the more a fan interacts and shares with businesses, the more $FAN rewards they receive.
  • The company offers a roadmap on the website. There’s innovation ahead, and the future looks exciting. See how the founders map it out in three phases. You can view it here.
  • Every $FAN earns!
    The Fan Marketplace generates $FAN rewards. Fans will monetize their activity via metadata included in NFTs, which advertisers have been dying to get ahold of. (MVP release Q2 2022)
  • Token Events revenue model aims to go from B2B to the C2C (Customer-to-Customer) space.
    The company wants to onboard businesses first to purchase $FAN and run their events, eCommerce drops, and marketing science through our platform.
  • The company has several existing partnerships:
    They include Global Sport Venture Studio (sports), The Chicago Lions RFC (sports), Tim Moss and Faith No More (music), (gaming)
  • $FAN on the Lattice Launchpad:
    The Lattice Launchpad allocation staking for $FAN began on Feb 28th and ends on March 4, 2022. The project has followed in the success of predecessors, hitting fundraising goals in less than 8 hours. There’s still time to participate — do so here.

You can view the complete AMA transcript on Telegram. Or, learn more about Token Events.

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